The wines in the POST & Its saving the planet!

Hi Folks

Well actually the wine bottle was literally in the letterbox….


Let me explain…. and before you ask, it is a full size bottle of wine.

I saw this idea a while ago and liked what I had seen and wanted to find out more as I was very intrigued, so the kind people of Garçon Wines sent me a sample…… IN THE POST! In the UK most houses have small letterboxes as seen above, built into your front door.

Since the 19th century most wine bottles have followed the standard Bordeaux style.


These days many people are producing different bottles to be more unique and of course certain areas that have always been different, like Burgundy and Rhone.

An estimated (hard to nail down exact figure)  31-36 Billion bottles of wine are produced each year. Most of which will be glass, but in that number there are boxed wines, canned wines, single serving cup wines to name just a few of the ways we now consume wine.

One of the biggest issues in the wine industry is that its just not environmentally friendly using glass, when you open an outer case of wine you can see that there is a lot of wasted space due to the design of the bottle.

So Garçon Wines decided to rewrite wine bottle design for which they have won many accolades & global packaging innovation awards.


Their bottles are plastic…. and flat.


Its made from 100% recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic, they are made in the UK from plastic that has already been in circulation,  so not adding any more waste to the plastic mountain on our lands and in our seas that we see on the television almost daily. Interestingly Coca Cola have a target of using 50% recycled PET in their products by 2020…. Garçon have started with 100% from day 1.


So the bottles have the advantage of being light. At only 63 grams, they’re 87% lighter than an average glass bottle of the same volume. This dramatically reduces the cost of shipping for suppliers & consumers. In addition, the novel, flat design makes the bottles 40% spatially smaller.

Their 10 Flat Bottle Case holds 10 full-size, flat wine bottles in a compact case which would otherwise carry approximately just four regular bottles, hugely reducing shipping costs.

By using material that was already recycled and is recyclable after isn’t the only way that they are helping the environment. Garçon bottles offer a radical way to reduce the carbon footprint created by the transportation of wine. for them it’s about driving beneficial change in the wine industry supply chain.

An estimated reduction of weight of the near 2 billion bottles of wine consumed in the UK alone each year, by as much as is practically possible, could save 90,000 tons of CO2.

The screw cap is super technical too, it includes a special “oxygen scavenger” featuring both active scavenging and passive barrier technology to give their bottles a much longer shelf life than other innovative wine packaging solutions. When you drink wine from a Garçon bottle, you can do so confident that they have provided excellent protection for the great wine inside.

Is this the greenest bottle of wine to date?

Currently in their range they have 6 wine

Garçon Wines - Portfolio

Chilean Sauvignon Blanc
Chilean Merlot
Spanish Garnacha Rosé
Spanish Tempranillo
South Australian Chardonnay
South Australian Shiraz

 So currently these are being stocked by some wine merchants but also they are being used by the gift sector as an alternative gift too. Some large companies have already taken the product on, like Moonpig, Next Flowers, Bottled & Boxed, Bloom & Wild, Funky Pigeon to name but a few.

Now most of these wines retail for under £15. So they are pretty drinkable daily wines. 

The big question is whether the wine industry can embrace getting away from glass.

Who will be the first big winery to start botting in plastic?.

Can I see a top Bordeaux, Brunello, Burgundy or Barolo producer using this…..

Unfortunately I doubt it any time soon. But I hope one day that they will. 

I completely understand that people like tradition as with corks, however look how much is produced in Australia now with no cork….. I’m sure hundreds of millions of bottles per year.

I can see these bottles being used a lot more in the future as the environment becomes an even bigger issue than it is today. Plastic is in the headlines daily, due to the images of huge amounts, in the water ways and seas of our planet. There is no doubt that this recycled product can dramatically reduce waste and C02 emissions.

Inside the lid of the wine box is the below advice!


So to wineries what are the key benefits:

  1.  Storage of bottles on site
  2.  Cheaper distribution costs for their wine
  3.  Environmentally its a sustainable product, if they are already working environmentally,  I can see wineries moving across to this type of packaging.
  4.  Also no cork issues.
  5.  Larger amount of stock can be placed on shelves within the same footprint of normal glass bottles


Unfortunately I don’t have any data about how wine will age in these bottles, will they be able to let in tiny amounts of oxygen like cork does over the years…. Time will tell how this product evolves.

I’m sure you will start to see the bottle revolution on shelves near you soon.

Salute, and thank you for taking the time to read.







Many thanks to Garçon for the sample, I am not being paid to write this article or am I associated in any way to Garçon Wines. All views are my own.


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