#slurpingitalian Instagram LIVE!

Ciao Amici,

Well I thought it was about time that I started showing my ugly mug on that Instagram live thingy, so I have bribed, coerced, massive arm bending involved and kidnapped several members of his family, my great buddy Lee to pair up with me.

@WINEMAN147. Lee already has his own extremely successful wine sessions on IG LIVE, 3 times per week, with great wines, Guitars and THE SHIRTS! He’s in the wine trade and a wine educator for trade accounts, bars and restaurants… in normal times. What’s more he loves wine and has an good in-depth knowledge of the wine world.

 I NOW have a slot with Lee once a month called SLURPING ITALIAN. #slurpingitalian .

What’s it all about I hear you ask…. and if you didn’t I am telling you anyway.

Both Lee and myself are well travelled throughout Italy and we also share their love of food and great wines.

If any of you have seen Lee or myself on Zoom tastings or on Instagram Live we are known for our wearing of wild shirts …. This won’t change, in fact it will become even more extreme…… IT IS POSSIBLE! The whole event is designed to be a light hearted guide to amazing Italian wines and frankly it will be set out to be a great laugh too. It’s not all going to be about terroir, wine making techniques etc etc, but it will definitely be about Italian producers of brilliant wines. Don’t worry, if you need to know the nerdy stuff we will be well prepared….ISH!

There are at least 350 varieties (more like 500+) in Italy and we will certainly be taking people off piste, however only if these wines are available in local markets as its all about expanding what varieties people are drinking.

Although wines will be supplied through UK wine merchants, we also want the tasting to be available to other countries as we want you guys to join in tasting the same wines or the same varieties and styles of wines that we are. We will let you know 2 weeks prior to the March event #slurpingitalian No2. which wines we will be tasting and the varieties too.

It’s officially launching at 7pm (UK time)  on that INSTAGRAM LIVE thingy. On the 18th FEB! It was the 11th but Lee has another commitment….in LOCKDOWN lol. SUCH A BUSY CHAP!

Starting on the 18th we will be delving into Sicilian wines. I chose and purchased the first wines as I visited the winery on my trip to Sicilia en Primeur in 2019. We will be drinking  (whoops….) TASTING the wines of Alessandro di Camporeale. They will be Catarratto, a superb native Sicilian white wine, Nero D’Avola again a Native and a 6 year of Syrah that is stunning and an absolute bargain for a 6 year old stunning wine. SYRAH I here you say… YEP you will find it in the approved grapes for Monreale DOC.  You can check out my previous blog about the winery here.

 Sicily- Part 5 Alessandro Camporeale – Pietrovini Life through Red,White & RosĂ© Glasses🍷

We are working hard within the UK wine market to find the importers that bring in the Italian wine gems and get people #slurpingitalian.

We will make sure these wines are available in the UK market 100% but also most will be available in most European and US/Canadian markets too.

We will not always be drinking every day usual varieties either, we are looking to expand peoples knowledge and also the joy of what Italian grape varieties have to offer.



3 bottles per event, we will be doing a special code with the supplier for ease of ordering, and also discounts where we can. Several suppliers are also offering discounts on future orders for you also.

Our plan is when lockdown finally ends and we have a good selection of suppliers is for a #slurpingitalian LIVE wine event (YES IN PERSON)So people can meet the suppliers try more of their wines, BUY more of their wines and just have a good laugh too….. THE SHIRTS LIVE …. You will need sunglasses for this event!

18th Feb 7pm, Instagram Live. @wineman147 & @peter.pietrovini

The wines for the Feb 18th event are available via Shop Online – Alivini Company Ltd. and what’s more you get 20% off ( you do have to purchase minimum 6 bottles minimum, there are plenty to choose from!) ANY WINES ON THE WEBSITE!!!

Disclaimer: Neither Myself or Lee have any affiliation or are being paid by Alivini. We paid for the wines.

USE CODE: MIDJAN21 as 20% off coupon code at checkout

Wines of Alessandro di Camporeale, Sicilia

Donnatà Nero D’Avola D.O.C. Sicilia 75cl (2015)

Benedè Catarratto D.O.C. Sicilia 75cl (2017)

Kaid Syrah D.O.C. Sicilia 75cl (2014)

Please let us know if you do get the wines too. Emails below or you can let us know on Twitter or IG.

If you are a UK importer / supplier of Italian wines we would love you to get in touch if you would like to be involved.

Myself on haypsd@gmail.com or twitter: @pietrosd IG: @peter.pietrovini

Lee on lee_isaacs@hotmail.co.uk or twitter/ IG : wineman147

Cant wait for it all to kick of at 7Pm (UK Time) on the 18th Feb. Come and taste along with Leonardo and Pietro.


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